January Diva of the Month! Misty

Congratulations Misty on becoming our January Diva of the Month!!

Q: Do you rock a perms? Are your transitioning? Or are you Natural?

  • A: I am 3 years natural

Q: Did you big chop, if so why? And what motivated you to go natural??

  • A: I didn’t do the big chop. However I did cut what little bit of perm off my ends. My motivation to go natural? was to grow my thick 4c hair back. Perms broke off my hair and thinned it out. Oh how I quickly remember as a kid how I ?hated getting my hair wash bc its a process LOL.

Q: ? How would you describe your hair ?

  • A: I have thick 4c hair. My 4c type hair is super hard work and to manage especially when wet & post dry. From wash, condition, entangling, blow dry, press or flat iron takes about a good 2 1/2 hours or 3 depending if I deep condition under a steam dryer.? The naturalistas say 4c is coils/curls. But us 4c sisters know it kinky naps that go nap crackle pop & will break any plastic come without some kind of shea butter or conditioner. Just keeping it 100.

Q: ? What do you love most about your hair?

  • A: What I love most is that I can do flat twist, buns, and other natural hairstyles that look full and thick as black women’s hair is suppose to be unless its that good hair we call wash and go. Its been a love hate relationship, to where I have pondered going back to creamy crack (relaxers), but then I think no just get a good silk press from somebody grandma. Lol.

Q:  What are some of your favorite hairstyles?

  • A: Flat Twists, Buns and other natural pin ups styles.

Q: What is your hair regimen (including fav products)?

  • A: My 4c hair loves oil, not water based products, so most of the natural hair products I use can’t be water based or my hair reverts back to that tight 4c coil/knappy kinks. Speaking of knappy Kinks, its an Oklahoma city product I use. Its made by my friend Kris Koffee. She is a talented natural hair/protective stylist who makes wonderful product’s.? She even named a product after me. Its called mistyday moisture mist. I love all her shea butters. When I want to blowdry my hair straight knappy kinks helps add shine and luster to my hair. Sometimes I don’t have to flat iron my hair either.
  • I plan to do a protective install 3x by summer to see if I’m waist length with using my 3 staple oil products. Olive oil ORS organic root stimulator, doo grow oil,& extra virgin cocunut oil. I wash & condition with pantene for natural sisters. I love love pantene co wash, it leaves my hair soft and smelling great.


Q: How can others find out more about you, is there any interesting or fun facts that you want to share with everyone??

  • I am a foodie, meaning I food blog about everything that I eat. Ive been the #1 food blogger for Oklahoma on urbanspoon, ranked #2 worldwide #3 in Dallas ft worth Texas and #3 in Miami beach. I love food if I could eat all day I would.? I Will model4food! I’m also known as Mistyday. Fact is when I was born my mother hadn’t named me, she looked out the window and said, it sure has been a Misty Day & thus the reason behind my name


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