10 Gorgeous Natural Hair Brown to Dark Skin Celebs in 2021

I’m loving that more and more of us are starting to really love our natural hair from TWA’s to long kinky tresses. But sometimes you’re in need of some Natural Hair Inspiration to try a new style or even to feel comfortable with the style you’re about to start rocking. What’s even more fascinating at this point is the fact that celebrities that we see often are embracing their hair too. Celebrities is what our children see and sadly what sometimes society basis us off of. These beautiful brown women are loving their natural hair and not looking back. 2019 let’s go for more love and embracing each texture that we have daily. Nothing wrong with adding clips or a wig but just the fact we are embracing kinky coily textures and natural hair clip-ins is what this is all about.

1) Janelle Monae

This woman has been embracing her textures from day one and I’m here for it. She is a singer, songwriter, actress and producer. She has rocked from amazing updos, wash n go curls and more. Natural Hair Inspiration: In this picture, a stretched twist out to add the cute waves look with a killer bun in the back.

2) Teyonah Paris

I have been loving her styles. Teyonah Paris is an actress. She has starred in Mad Men, Dear White People, starred in the film Chi-raq, If Beale Street could Talk and Survivors Remorse. Teyonah is rocking this gorgeous puff which can instantly be done in less than 10 minutes. Natural Hair Inspiration: Sleek your edges back with some gel, then get a hairband and push it up. You might have to try it a couple of times to get your desired look but Teyonah looks simply beautiful.

3) Danai Gurira

You may know this beautiful gem from her role in Walking Dead or Black Pather. How she rocks her TWA (Teeny Weeny Afro) is simply to die for. Ms. Danai Gurira embraces confidence from each look that she struts. Natural Hair Inspiration: What better way to spice up a TWA then to have it a little shorter on the sides with a fierce part.

4) Viola Davis

Viola Davis is an actress and producer. She has been in numerous movies and TV shows How to get away with murder, the help, fences, suicide squad and that just to name a few. She has been embracing her journey on and off the red carpet. Natural Hair Inspiration: You can achieve this look with a wig or if you have luscious locks that is thick to rock an afro I hope you go for it. She looks amazing.

5) Kerry Washington

Kerry Washington is an actress who played on the stunning show Scandal. Natural Hair Inspiration: She is rocking this gorgeous look from a wash n go. If you want to get a fuller look feel free to add in the kinky or coily clipins.

6)Lupita Nyong’o

  Lupita is a radiant actress who has played in movies such as 12 years a slave, star wars: The force, star wars the last Jedi and The Black Panther. Since she first hit the scene her TWA has been absolutely gorgeous. Natural Hair Inspiration: For a different look for the TWA sometimes picking the top portion out while leaving the rest of your hair curled up from your favourite gel or mousse can give a new look.

7) Ledisi Young

Ledisi is an R &B and jazz recording artist, songwriter and actress. You might remember Ledisi from her gorgeous flowing locs that she has had for years. She cut them all off and is rocking her TWA in 2019.


8) Sanaa Lathan

Sanaa has been rocking her beautiful tresses more since her role in Nappily Ever After and we’re here for it.? She is an actress that played in The Best Man, Brown Sugar, Love & Basketball and that’s only a few. Natural Hair Inspiration: She looks stunning how she pulls back the sides and pins them with bobby pins to give the fro hawk look.

9) Uzo Aduba

Uzo is an actress who killed it in her role as Suzanne “Crazy Eyes” Warren in Orange Is the New Black. She is simply stunning and I can’t wait until she brings it in 2019. Natural Hair Inspiration: This look can be achieved through wand curls. If you’re doing the wand curls make sure to use a heat protectant before use. You can create this look after finishing your wand curls, parting your hair from the side. If you’re curious like Uzo was in this pic nothing wrong with doing a length check while you’re at it.

10) Sheryl Underwood

Sheryl is a comedian, actress and television host. She is mostly known for her comedy of course but also in the daytime show The Talk. She has shared with us her personal journey and story numerous times on the show. Natural Hair Inspiration: This look can instantly be done with a wig that can look really good. Sometimes, go for a slightly different color as Sheryl sports the dark brown wig in this cute look. I know I have missed some. What other celebs are rocking their hair in 2019?