The Remarkable Perm Yaki

MNHE’s Perm Yaki Collection is designed by us for us! Our relaxed hair is not silky straight. Why should your extensions be? Our Perm Yaki Collection has the right amount of texture to look natural.

Perm Yaki (4)

Perm Yaki Hair Extensions

$ 170.00

Perm Yaki Clip Ins

$ 170.00

Perm Yaki Ponytail

$ 110.00

Natural Hair Closures

$ 150.00

What Is Perm Yaki ?

Perm Yaki hair is also known as light Yaki and is an ideal match for our divas who have perm hair. Our Perm Yaki collection comes in clip ins, bundles and bulk for braids or crochet styles. This texture was created for us by us! (what is yaki hair) We understand even with a perm that our hair does not get bone straight. This texture will blend effortlessly with those who have permed hair or those who have? 3a / 3c hair