All You Need to Know About Drawstring Ponytails!

Drawstring ponytails are one of the latest trends in the natural hair world. It’s a super easy way to add volume and length to short, medium length hair or curls, coils and kinks.  Drawstring ponytails are a weave hairpiece made from human or synthetic hair. The drawstring ponytail style features small combs and a drawstring […]

Best Clip In Extensions for African American Natural Hair

Finding the best clip In extensions for African American Hair is very vital. They can add those extra inches to your natural hair without the stress of a sew-in or braids. They are just as easy to apply as they are to take out and best of all – they match the texture of your […]

The Truth About Curly Afro Curly Hair

Ever since the start of the natural hair revolution back in 2007 and ditching chemicals, every natural sista’s goal has been to get their hair as big and afro kinky as possible!   Afro curly hair is natural hair that has a beautiful dome or sphere shape that grows up and out like a traditional […]

Differences Between Natural Hair Types 4B, 4C Hair & 3C 4A

There are four major hair types – Type 1 (straight hair), Type 2 (wavy hair), Type 3 (Curly hair), and the NOTORIOUS Afro Kinky hair extensions. Our focus is on 4A, 4B and 4C Hair, in addition to 3A, 3B and 3C natural hair.  which is the predominant hair types found on Black and African American women. We […]

Understanding The LOC Method

If you have naturally curly hair, you should do everything possible to add moisture to your hair or retain whatever liquids it has left after a long day, especially if you belong to the 3A to 4C spectrum. Curly hair can be brittle and notoriously hard to maintain if it doesn’t get the proper moisture. […]

How To Define Curls in 2021

We all want to be entirely in love with our natural hair texture. However, it can be challenging and quite frustrating when you want your natural curls to pop, and all you can manage is a cotton look with a curl here or there. I have type 4a 4b hair, and I love how my […]

How To Take Care of Afro Kinky Hair

Few things make a woman shine more than having hair that is on point. Whether it’s with clip-ins, extensions, ponytails, or wigs, there are endless afro kinky hair products to ensure you love your hair, all day, every day.  However, when wearing popular textures such as afro kinky hair extensions, you have to take special care […]

Installing Weave Drawstring Ponytails with Human Hair ❤️

Today we will be discussing the fashionable Drawstring Ponytails. A weave ponytail is a hairpiece specially designed for a fuller or longer looking ponytail. The style is straightforward and inexpensive. It will save you when in a rush but still want a sleek and gorgeous style.  afro kinky ponytail curly ponytail drawstring ponytail straight Coily […]