How To Do A Twist Out On Natural Hair And Become A Guru

Ever since I had my babies, I feel like I have had this back and forth battle with my hair. One thing I don’t get right is my twist outs. After trying different methods I now can share the lessons I have learned to help achieve the best twist out. As you may know, the […]

Products For Kinky Afro Hair

Not all hair products are made equal. Since everybody has their own hair type and texture, they should be mindful of using what caters to that style.Learn More About Curly Hair Products in this post!Natural Afro hair requires different needs than other hair types. It’s important to choose products that moisturize thirsty curls while providing […]

The Best Braid Extensions And Styles

Yes, summer is finally here, and it is the best time to tuck that hair away for some good old protective styling. Braid extensions styles are a new trend right now! But not just any regular box braids, these new braid trends are making statements! They say fierce, stylish, and trendy all at the same […]