Would you spend on a blow dryer?

There are tons of natural hair products, vitamins, and equipment being sold to us. In such an upgrade/buy more society sometimes it’s hard to decipher whether a big buy is a splurge or an investment. I found two blow dryers for 399.99 dollars. That’s right after tax these dryers are OVER FOUR HUNNIT DOLLAZZZ! Revair […]

Traveling With Natural Hair

Vacation: What am I going to do with my hair? IG @naturalneiicy If you are natural, then you know how much time and effort goes into prepping your hair the night before an eventful day. But what do you do to your hair when you are about to go on vacation.? Traveling on a plane, […]


?Welcome natural gals and gents…?I am super excited to begin my blogging experience and hopefully you guys will enjoy and become apart of my blog FAMILY. (if there is a such thing..if not there is now!)??I have the opportunity to blog for MYNATURALHAIREXTENSIONS and basically talk about whatever comes to my little mind..I will also […]

Product Junkie pt.4 Moisturizers (Creams)

I can’t believe that I am almost done with my Product Junkie series! I have pretty much covered the basics from shampoos to conditioners and now the best part.. The CREAMS/MOISTURIZERS. Mielle Organics::Curl Smoothie First up, we have the Mielle Pomegranate & Honey Curl Smoothie which is a styling product for thick curly hair, it […]

New hair care tool alert-Con Air Infinity Pro!!

OMG guys, I stumbled upon the most amazing new hair care tool! It’s guaranteed to be a game changer in the natural hair community! In a previous blog, I wrote about the importance of consolidating and speeding up your hair routine. This new tool will definitely help you to do that by combining a brush […]

D.I.Y. Cream For Natural Hair

Why I make my own hair creme: I am a self-proclaimed lazy and frugal natural who likes simple routines, simple styles, and simple hair products. I refuse to spend 15-30 dollars on one bottle or jar of hair stuff that: 1. Does not 100% work for me 2. Breaks my sensitive skin out 3. Runs […]


Hola y bienvenido! It’s pretty gnarly that I get to share some knowledge (and information about myself) with you. I shall tell no lies; since accepting this blogging position, I’ve had writers block, with some co-occurring anxiety and definitely stress (life). Worry not! I wont be dumping mindless jargon, but rather, precious little gems you […]

Amazing Products for Curly Hair

Okay divas there are sooo many natural hair care products on the market! Years ago it was hard to find something to cater to us curly gals and not there are so many choices that it is overwhelming. Where do you even start with choosing products for curly hair! Well first I would like you […]

Hair Growth Diet?

I don’t know if you have noticed but hair supplements have been taken Instagram by storm. The main one I have seen is sugar bear vitamins.They have been promoted by tons of people who already have long hair or wear hair extensions so we can’t see a difference. These post with popular people with a […]

A Product To Help Reduce Shedding Your Natural Hair !

I’m usually on the search for a D.I.Y inexpensive product that can help with my hair becoming healthy. I believe I have found it. I have been focused on decreasing the amount of shedding and breakage since last year I had a lot of hair loss from not taking the right foods and vitamins. I […]