Unjust Justice: Cyntoia Brown

What Happened to Cyntoia Brown? Cyntoia Brown, was 16 at the time of the 2004 murder of a Caucasian 43-year-old Nashville Real Estate Agent, who had solicited the teen for sex. Brown claimed her innocence, providing us that the murder was in self-defense. She turned 31 on January 29th and will finally be able to […]

Michelle Matimba: April Diva of the Month

Congrats Michelle on becoming our April Diva of the month!!!   Q: Do you rock a perm? Are your transitioning? Or are you Natural? A: I am 100% natural and have been natural for about 9 years now. Being natural wasn’t always easy. Its only been in the last 2 years that i have finally […]

January Diva of the Month! Misty

Congratulations Misty on becoming our January Diva of the Month!! Q: Do you rock a perms? Are your transitioning? Or are you Natural? A: I am 3 years natural Q: Did you big chop, if so why? And what motivated you to go natural?? A: I didn’t do the big chop. However I did cut […]

Product Junkie Pt. 1:: Shampoos, Conditioners & Co-Washes

First, I want to make sure to disclaim that I am in no way getting paid for talking about? any of these products, it is only my opinion!! Now lets get to the good stuff , I have now? ventured into trying different types of products, from small black- owned businesses that my hair has […]

10 Gorgeous Natural Hair Brown to Dark Skin Celebs in 2021

I’m loving that more and more of us are starting to really love our natural hair from TWA’s to long kinky tresses. But sometimes you’re in need of some Natural Hair Inspiration to try a new style or even to feel comfortable with the style you’re about to start rocking. What’s even more fascinating at […]