Miss Jessie's Miko! DIY

Hello Dolls. This is the beautiful TiTi Branch, she is the Co-owner of Miss Jessie's Hair Products. She is rocking her natural hair. It is big, bold and beautiful. We are going to tell you how you can create this look with our hair! Things you will need: Directions:
  • Take your ?Kinky Curly extensions to a reliable salon and have them color the 14" and 1/2 of the 16" to a 4/30/27 or the color of your choice. ?And the 1/2 16" and 18" to a very dark chocolate brown color. It is always best to take the picture to the salon. ***These colors are optional. Please choose the color that compliments you best!
  • Prepare your leave-out to be a slightly slanted left side part. ?(you may leave your edges out if you choose but it is not necessary?for this style) and braid your hair down. The braid pattern does not have to be perfect as it will not be?noticeable?with kinky curly hair.
  • Sew in your extensions with the longest length at the?bottom?and shortest length at the top.
  • After your sew-in is finished tie your hair into 6 sections. Starting from the back take one section at a time and wet it with your spray bottle to loosen the kinky texture. Apply a small of your?favorite?curling cream an smooth it in with your denman brush. The denman brush will define the curls and make them pop.
  • The denman brush is the magic?ingredient?to this look! Repeat to the other 5 sections and once finished give your hair a?vigorous?shake and TaDah!