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If you look back on any post I’ve made, you will see that I say that moisturizing your hair is a must do step. Keeping your hair moisturized is said to help prevent breakage and allow your hair to be in it’s best state, right? Well according to UnivHair Soleil, that isn’t the case. In her 5 minute video, she claims states that constantly trying to maintain moisturized hair using water is actually damaging our hair. Is there any backing to her claim 

As you can see UnivHair Soleil, has a thick and long head of hair. This also isn’t the first time a natural has come through and claimed to go against the grain. I am going to dissect each of her reasons throughout the video and expand on them a little more!

Protect your hair from water as much as possible

In the first part of the video, she says, that from her relaxed hair days to now she still protects her hair from water. She states that she tried to follow natural hair rules of always wetting your hair with a spray bottle and sealing it with oils. At first she experienced the soft moisturized experience but it soon became even dryer before. There is actually some science behind this. Evaporation happens on the skin and happens in the hair as well. When evaporation happens it does take more than what you added, think of when you take a shower/bath, air dry, and then get ashy/dry skin if you don’t add a lotion. She mentions evaporation as the reason she avoids water, which actually checks out! If you are outside and water gets on your hair, it will probably be dryer for it.

Dependency on moisturizing to maintain the softness

Her next reason is because, in the earlier days of her hair journey, she noticed that she had to constantly moisturize in order to maintain a certain level of softness. She felt that having to constantly reapply water was too tedious. She didn’t want her hair to become dependent on consistent water. Can your hair become dependent on water From my research I haven’t found any concrete evidence to this, but seeing that English isn’t her first language, I think she meant we would be accustomed to the level of softness. That makes sense, if we are constantly trying to keep our hair in a state it may not be meant to be in, that could be tedious and a waste of time.

Stop thinking our hair needs constant repairing or fixing

She says that we our trying to fix something that doesn’t need to be fixed. Instead she says we should focus on protecting the hair from external and internal factors (such as the sun, wind,bad diets, and dehydration). I think this focuses more on psychology. I have a great example from my own hair journey. When I first did my big chop my hair at the top of my head was waving. I was devastated and was sure I was experiencing “scab hair”. I was constantly cutting and doing protein treatments trying to fix my strands because obviously it was damaged (hint: it wasn’t). By trying to “fix” my hair, I ended up doing more damage and leaning into protein overload!She is basically saying, actually get to know your hair before you play doctor and I agree!

We are trying to make our hair something it isnt

She says that the main reason people moisturize so much is more for aesthetic reasons. They want less kinky and more defined curls. This is an interesting topic and I plan on writing about this in another post. The whole “juicy defined curls” look has definitely become a beauty standard in the natural hair community. There was a comment by commenter Myralu Beauty that said, “People need to get to know what their hair needs. Stop torturing your hair because a YouTuber with your “hair goal” say this is what they do. What works for one may cause your hair to fall off.”

Hygral fatigue

She says she does her best to avoid hygral fatigue. “Hygral fa-what”, you say. Hygral fatigue is actually something I have spoken about before. It is simply the fancy word for over moisturizing. Some say it speaks about the balance of moisture in the hair and can also cover the idea of protein overload as well. She does a great job of speaking on how water causes your hair strand to swell and contract when it dries up. She says the constant swelling and contracting of the hair because of water is where the damage can come in. This is especially true when it over swells which a sign of over moisturized strands.

She lives in Sweden and doesn’t want frozen hair

Sweden has really cold temps and negative temperatures aren’t rare. This is an interesting one I never thought about. Can your hair actually freeze and if so what is the damage The short answer is yes, like anything that contains water if you take it into negative degree weather you experience freezing. The result if stiff hair that easily breaks.

This isn’t to say she never washes or moisturizes her hair. In the video and the comments below she mentions that she washes her hair and adds water only when detangling or preparing for another style. Instead of water she prefers using oils to protect and lubricate her hair. This isn’t the worst idea because our natural oily waxy sebum cant coat the strand so she is trying to replicate that. At the end of the day all routines aren’t meant for everybody but what I appreciated was how her points were understandable and well thought out! What do you guys think, is this hair suicide or an interesting new experiment?



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