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Everyone goes on and on about the importance of loving, protecting and sealing your ends but what about your scalp? New fresh hair literally grows from the scalp and if not taken care of it can slow your hair growth. One huge sign that your scalp may be having issues is itchiness. I haven’t met a natural who hasn’t experienced itchy scalp syndrome! Sadly, an itchy scalp can be caused by so many things. Here’s a list of common causes along with some tips to solve them!    

You may need a wash

Most people equate itchy scalp to this because of how itchy scalps can get when you use protective styleslike sew-ins or braids. There are so many videos of naturals showing you how to rock a style for a week and longer but for some of us, it’s just not realistic. Some naturals need hair washing more than others. Personally, I have not been able to go 3 days without washing my hair, unless I wanted a tangled dry mess.

You may not be cleaning thoroughly enough

I admit, sometimes I forget to wash my scalp sometimes. We focus so much on deep conditioning and detangling the strands we forget to get the scalp some attention. Most naturals can experience scalp buildup because the natural oils can’t travel down the strands very well so the just chill at the top. It is easier to see buildup because if you scratch the scalp you can see waxy like residue(sebum). There are scalp massagers and brushes that supposedly help with removing buildup. I have seen them used in a lot of natural wash day videos but one that comes to mind is by Naptural85.

You may be deficient in some nutrients

I feel like I mention vitamins and mineral in every post but what you eat is important when it comes to scalp health and hair growth. When we have deficiencies, an itchy scalp can be a sign. The main way to avoid this is to eat a nice balanced diet rich in vitamins and minerals. I wrote a post about what foods you can add to get a hair growth boost.

You may be using irritating products

Mild allergies to products can cause itchy scalp. Another culprit is products that are way too strong. If you use things like pure tea tree oil or apple cider vinegar, you need to dilute them to avoid irritation. Also, try using all-natural or fragrance-free conditioner and shampoo. You can also do a process of elimination to see what the culprit is. If you can’t get rid of your favorite products try to keep most of the styling products away from direct scalp contact. (I suggest that to avoid buildup anyway.)

You may be dealing with a dry scalp

If you wash too much you could easily be stripping oils from the scalp and leaving your scalp dry. You could add oils or elixirs made for scalps. There is one made by Cantu for around 8 bucks if you want to invest there are more expensive oils and treatments specifically made for scalps.

You may have a skin condition

Things like dandruff, seborrheic dermatitis, and psoriasis are conditions that can be hereditary. If all else fails, use shampoos that are targeted towards dandruff control like head and shoulders. Also, visit a dermatologist so they can help give you specific information about your next steps



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