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Don’t you hate it when you brush your hair and begin to see little short hairs around your sink?Better yet what about when you have your two strand twist in but then you got a big knot at the end and by the looks of it you are going to have to break or cut your hair to get it out?It’s about creating the right habits and understand the ones to avoid to help you in this process of decreasing hair breakage. Even though we will have some breakage throughout our natural hair journey, the point of this post is too drastically minimize the breakage process. This post is going to help you retain length so your hair can continue to flourish.Here is the breakdown of 5 tips that will help you decrease breakage

1. Protect Your Ends

I know the twist out or wash n go’s can look really cute. I mean I love to see you with your bomb twist out or wash n go but remember that the constant rubbing on clothes and different materials can start to take a toll on your ends. You want to be able to wear a nice updo keeping the ends tucked in or even braiding your hair to wear some clips ins. The best part is products likecoily clip-in hair extensions or 4c human hair bundles or curly clip-in human hair extensions that can look just like yours. So, still, rock that bomb twists out and wash n go while giving your hair a break underneath. Keep in mind the constant movement when having your hair out can cause your hair to become dry and weak.

2. Protective Styles

I know this can sound a little bit like the first one but hear me out. Protecting your ends can simply be doing updos, putting your hair in a bun, etc. However, When I talk about protective styles in this category I’m describing having you wear styles that protect your hair from the root to the tip. So, for example, box braids, faux locs, styles that your entire hair covered and left alone.Please, please avoid any styles that are tugging at your hairline. Also, if you have a protective style try to avoid wearing styles in the same spot constantly. Even if you don’t have any added hair in but your hair still is in mini twist or braids avoid having your hair tugged in the same section.For example, you might have your hair tugged at your crown area constantly because you have a puff or bun that you want to keep maintaining this is going to start causing breakage in that area. When you go to sleep try to release tension off that area to prevent breakage. So that means loosening up the ponytail a bit and doing it over in the morning. I know it can sound time-consuming but that constant tension when you go to sleep is going to weaken the area.

3. Leave the hair alone

Let your hair be and do what it needs to do. You or someone you may know does the constant tugging with the combing, brushing, styling every day, slicking the edges, etc…. All this over and excessive manipulation that weakens the hair and can break even more. Give your hair a break with styles that are discussed before with protecting your ends, there are styles and updos that can protect your ends without causing too much tension. If you are not sure what styles there are, the ones I can think of at the top of my head are flat twist styles. I’ll show some below for some examples and inspiration. 

4. Finger Detangle

Finger detangling is the gentlest form of getting rid of shed hairs that can easily cause knots and detangling if not removed. If you do want to finger detangle please do this on damp or wet hair. Do not detangle on dry hair, when the hair is dry it can easily snap. If you need a refresher for your hair being dry, using simply waterworks or my fav that I talk about in each post aloe vera juice mixed with water.

5. Keep hair moisturized

Please keep the hair moisturized to avoid your hair creating those pesky knots. When your hair is soft and supple it makes a lot easier to glide through with the comb. There are plenty of articles on the site that go more in-depth about keeping your hair moisturized. What you want to do is do the LOC method so you can go here for more details on how to keep your hair moisturized.Bonus: I want to make sure you know to no7t dry your hair off with a regular towel. It needs to be either a microfiber towel or using a cotton tee works as well. What this is going to do is to minimize frizz and breakage from your hair. It’s all about keeping the moisture in where the towel will instantly suck it out.Let me know below what do you do to keep your hair moisturized.



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